Published June 5, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"Forever Friends"

In 1977 I left the Harrisonburg, Virginia, area after working at the college there for a year-and-a-half. I had not seen my good friend from those days, Angie, since then.

Recently we attended a concert in the Harrisonburg area. She had seen Paul's photo on some concert posters (he was emceeing) and she and her husband came to the concert especially to see me.

When Angie and I saw each other, there was immediately a big bear hug — and then talking as fast as either of us could talk. Our friendship felt fresh and the thirty-five intervening years just melted away. There was no need to get acquainted. We were still friends. And, as Christians, we were still family.

Our reunion reminded me of heaven. When we get there will we know people? About what will we talk? Will there be anything to say?

As members of the same family, God's family, I can't imagine hunting around for a topic of conversation. Don't you think it will be like it was for Angie and me? We'll want to be talking about our crossing to heaven, the bright light we moved towards and the feeling of peace. We'll want to share God's goodness to us in life and death. Can you imagine the excitement in our voices and the joyful experience of being in God's presence without the presence of evil? The pull of sin and self will melt away as we experience the wonder of peace and joy and perfection.

As good as it is to meet friends on this earth, I believe nothing can compare to heaven. Nothing we imagine can be as good as the reality. That family reunion is beyond anything we've ever experienced on this earth.

Just thinking about heaven excites me. Lord Jesus, please come.

- Shelia

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