Published May 15, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"Adjusting to Darkness"

In our office, each of our ceiling flourescent light fixtures includes four bulbs. In two of the four fixtures in my office, one was completely dark and the other had only two of the four bulbs and they were burning dimly. (Paul says some of the ballasts are shot, too.)

The bottom line is that my office was dark. Since it was a gradual thing, I had adjusted by strategically placing papers on my desk so I could read them. Others might notice the darkness when they entered the room, but I had adjusted just fine. It was only when someone stood in the wrong place and cast a shadow that I couldn't read my papers.

Today, when one of our workers entered my office, he asked if I needed the lights changed so I could see better. I agreed.

With the project finished and my office brightly lit once more, the first thing I noticed was a picture on a shelf in the one corner. It is one of my favorite pictures of Paul and me. When I picked it up to see it more closely, I realized the shelf under it was extremely dust covered. It was unnoticeable when the lights weren't functioning properly. Now, the dusting needed to be done without delay, not only on the shelf but also on everything placed there.

A couple of things struck me.

When we gradually move away from the light of Jesus, we make the necessary adjustments without even realizing we are doing it. We take tiny steps until we no longer are spiritually in tune with Christ. We can adjust, as I did with the light, and continue moving on just fine. We don't even notice the handicap we have or the impact it makes on our witness and spiritual growth.

Without the light, I hadn't realized there was a dust problem. That signifies the little sins that can pile up without Jesus, the Light Of The World, being allowed to shine in our lives. Just as a dust problem can be corrected with a little Pledge and a cloth, so a sin problem can be wiped clean with a request for forgiveness and the Blood that makes everything "whiter than snow."

We needed to change the bulbs so the light could shine in my office. We need to reconnect to The Light Of The World so His light can shine in and from us. The good news is that with Jesus there is no end to the perfect light supply. We just need to stay connected. How brightly lit is your life?

- Shelia

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