Published May 1, 2012

Shelia Shares....

Rev. David Heil, Paul's father, pastored churches for more than 50 years. For more than a decade during those years, he prepared and recorded a daily "minute meditation" on local radio stations. Now in his 90s, we were delighted when he gave us several notebooks of his original meditation scripts and I wanted to share another one with you. Since Pop was born and raised in Philadelphia, it seems appropriate that this meditation is about John Wanamaker, whose first store was in Philadelphia.
- Shelia

Willing To Serve

Years ago an ambitious young man applied to John Wanamaker for a job in one of his stores in Philadelphia. When told there was no opening, he said "I am willing to do anything." Thinking to get rid of him, Wanamaker replied. "The only job I have is one of washing windows." "I'll take it" exclaimed the man quickly. Wanting to get started immediately, he was given the needed equipment, and washed those windows so that they shone as never before. Ambitious, thoughtful and highly reliable, in time he became the manager of that great store. When the man died, after 25 years of splendid service, Mr. Wanamaker said, "I would be willing to pay $100,000 a year for a manager who could begin to fill his place." What every church needs is men and women who are willing to "wash windows" for the sake of the Lord. That is, to do the humble tasks well. If these are done well, God will provide greater opportunities.

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