Published February 28, 2012

Shelia Shares....

Before Sunday School prayer time at our church, I did a "show-and-tell." I held up a pretty CD and asked some questions.

What is this? "Disc"..."CD"...were typical responses.

What does it do? "It doesn't do anything unless you have a machine." "Plays music."

Looks good, doesn't it? "Yes."

Then I showed them the underside of the CD. It had a big red blob on the underside. Since the CD player reads the underside of the CD, it was obvious that it would not play, no matter how pretty the top of the CD was printed.

I then showed them a similar CD. I showed them the underside. Everyone agreed it looked like would play just fine.

But, I told them that, in fact, it would not play, since there were a couple of almost invisible marks on the underside. If you looked closely, you could tell this CD would not play, just like the first CD with the big blob.

Then I showed a third CD which was not as pretty on the top side but which had no splotches and no dings on the underside. This CD would play as it was designed to do. (In fact, one of the ladies told me that she could tell this was a good CD simply because she observed me handling it so carefully.)

So it is with us. We can look good on the outside, but inside we can have sins. Sometimes they are obvious. Everyone knows what we are doing. They are like the obvious big blob on the CD.

Sometimes our sins are hidden, perhaps even from ourselves. But, visible or not, they are sins and affect our lives and our witness.

Sometimes we can be very common looking on the outside, but with Jesus in control of the inside, our lives can be full of joy and our witness can be effective and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Even if we aren't the prettiest or the richest or the most admired on the outside, that's not important. What really counts is who we are on the inside and whether we are living by the Spirit. What really counts is whether the important side, the side that God reads, is clean and without spot.

- Shelia

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