Published January 24, 2012

Shelia Shares....
"The Pink Truck"

This week I wanted to share one of the Christmas stories that Paul used on The Gospel Greats program just before Christmas. Thanks to Diane Haase for permission to share her story and thanks to God for His faithfulness. Here it is:

"As my husband and I started our journey in foster care, we trusted God for everything. We knew that there was nothing God could not provide.

"One October day we were called by social services and asked if we would take two small children. One was a 4-year-old boy we will call Abe and his sister, Joy, 3-years-old. The children had been quite deprived. Getting close to Christmas, I explained that Christmas was a time of giving. They could ask for ‘anything.' Abe thought for awhile and said in a quiet voice that he wanted a ‘pink truck.' As the days passed, I tried to convince him there were no pink trucks and prayed that he would understand. As we went to the toy department, I would point out red, blue, and green trucks. I asked him, ‘Do you see any pink trucks?' He would say, ‘No, but you said anything.'

"Christmas Eve, I drove to the small town 15 miles away with the little truck on my mind. I knew it was time to do something. Christmas was upon us. I prayed, ‘God you know how Abe wants a PINK truck. What am I to do?' Approaching the town, I saw an old second hand store and there, on a shelf, was a pink truck. It was old and had seen much use, but it was PINK. As I got the truck off the shelf, tears were flowing down my face like a river. The next morning Abe had many gifts but the only one that interested him was the battered old PINK truck. Abe taught us a valuable lesson; the small things are important to God. God used a small boy and his request for a ‘pink' truck to build our faith in a Holy God. We need to call upon God for our every need and trust Him to meet our needs according to His riches in glory."

When I asked permission to share this story, Diane's husband, Joe, told me the rest of the story:

"Years later we were working in a church nursery helping to clean up and Diane found an old Tonka pink truck exactly like the one in the story that had gone home with the foster child when he was reunited with his biological mother. We do not have any idea if it is the same truck, but after telling the pastor the story, he gave her the old pink truck. It is kept on our fireplace mantle as a constant reminder that God does indeed answer prayers."


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