Published October 18, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Where's The Fire?"

A Facebook friend posted the following: "I have a lot of confidence in our town's firemen. Today they were called out to a house about a mile south of us. As the one truck was going past our house, they backed up and asked us where the fire was. Dad told them that we don't know. Just keep going south at the corner."

I thought that was one of the cutest posts. However, in reality, the time wasted to stop and ask where to go because they apparently hadn't fully determined that information before they set out could have been crucial to someone and the survival of their property.

How many of us go along life's path blissfully unaware of where we are going? Sometimes we are going full steam ahead with lights flashing and sirens blowing. We're making a lot of progress, but we have no idea where we are going. Other times, we are meandering through peaceful moments with no idea of what is around us or what disaster is about to fall. We are totally unaware of anything but our current pleasure.

However, if we know Jesus and have claimed Him as our Savior and Lord, then we should know where we are going. Our purpose is to always glorify God and draw others towards Him so they can do the same. Our goal is to continue to trust in Jesus and His redeeming work on Calvary. Even when circumstances don't show His hand in our life, we move forward trusting in His leading.

We read the Bible as our guidebook. We talk to our Father, who sees so much farther than we ever can. We listen to the Spirit's prompting, so we move through each door that He opens and don't fight the doors that He closes. When we can't see around the bend, we know that He can.

If there is a fire and you need to help, go for it. But, know where you are going, know Who is leading you and know there is a God bigger than your circumstances, bigger than your purpose and bigger than you.

- Shelia

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