Published August 2, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"A Shield Of Protection"

I have this fear of thunder, lightning and especially heavy winds. When a storm starts up during the day, I head for the basement. When it starts during the night, Paul knows I'll be over to snuggle.

One night (2001) I woke to a storm already in progress. It seemed especially fierce. My fear seemed even heavier than usual. I woke Paul and told him "You need to pray protection over our family and property." He did it right away, probably so I'd stop bothering him.

He prayed for protection for all of us. He prayed for protection of our home and property. He prayed for peace and calm for me so I could get back to sleep. (He knew if I didn't settle back to sleep, he wouldn't get any sleep either!)

I did sleep. But, I awoke early the next morning to an unusual noise. When I checked, I saw township workers in front of our house with chainsaws cutting up our big willow tree to remove it from the road. Our beautiful, large weeping willow tree had uprooted during the night and the road by our house was completely blocked. The township was cutting off large branches and trying to clear the roadway for traffic.

When we checked the damage, we realized the tree had fallen precisely where it needed to fall so that our home and property would not be damaged at all. Just a little to the left and our den and home offices would have been severely hit. Just a bit further and it would have been the living room and bedroom.

I believe the shield of protection that Paul had prayed over us and our property caused that tree to fall where it did. God answered that prayer in a way we could actually see.

Next time you have a need, ask God to place a shield of protection over you, your family or your friends. It might be a physical need like we faced. It might be a health need or an emotional need. Perhaps it is a spiritual need. If God can lay an old, uprooted willow tree in the right place, just think what He can do with your needs if you entrust them to Him.

- Shelia

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