Published July 19, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Love & Commitment"

Sheri Easter likes to talk about her late grandmother. In one of Sheri's favorite stories about her, she tells that when her grandmother was into her 90s, her thought capacities had declined. Sometimes she didn't even recognize members of her own family.

One day Roy "Pop" Lewis, her husband, was talking with her. He asked, "Do you still love me?" Mom looked right at him and her response was immediate: "If you're Roy Lewis, I do!"

Mom Lewis' love might have begun with a gushy feeling, but years later it was based on a decision and a commitment. If the feelings were there, that was great. If they weren't there, the commitment never changed. Although the mind had become foggy, the commitment was still clear.

Perhaps when you gave your life to Jesus, it was a highly emotional experience for you. Perhaps it was a "mountaintop" experience. However, that salvation experience needs also to be based on commitment. Regardless of whether or not you feel in love with Jesus, you need to hold to your commitment to God. Nothing should be able to shake that — not circumstances or sickness or emotions. Regardless, the commitment stands.

Jesus came to the earth because He loved us. However, when His earthly life ended, I don't think it was some light feeling of love that kept Him going to Calvary and held Him on the cross. It was a commitment. He was willing to die regardless of what happened or what He might have felt. It was a decision to love — regardless.

How strong is your love? How strong is your love for your spouse? How strong is your love for God? He is constantly showing us how strong His love is for us. Make a commitment and stick to it.

- Shelia

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