Published July 12, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Immediate Access"

Paul and I both work in our offices with The Gospel Greats, our radio program, and Springside Marketing, our mailorder music division. It keeps us both more than busy.

Generally, when the phone rings, my secretary answers. If she is on another call, I pick up the second line. If the call is for me or Paul, I take it. Paul is busy with so much creative work and production, that I handle everything I can. It is the only way he can do everything he needs to do.

When our sons were younger, if one of them called asking for Paul, they almost always got through to him. I didn't go through the question and answer time. I didn't ask who they were. I didn't ask what company they represented. I didn't ask what the call was regarding. Generally, they talked directly to Paul immediately.

First, I recognized their voice. They didn't have to say, this is your son. I knew.

They didn't call asking for Paul Heil. They called wanting to talk with Dad. When they had access to talk to Paul, it was because of their relationship. After all, he's their Dad.

The subject wasn't what was important either. They might have called asking what to pay for new tires. If you called asking that, I'd probably inform you that you have a wrong number. But, my son calling to ask that question was reasonable. It was important. My son was able to speak to his dad.

Our access to God is through the Son. Ephesians 2 verses 13 and 18 says, "But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. For through him we have access by one Spirit unto the Father."

Being able to talk to Father God is because we know the Son. Whatever we have to tell Him is important because of who He is and in Him who we are. Our relationship gives us access. Our concerns are important to Him. My position in this world doesn't matter. I don't have to be an important executive. I don't have to be financially rich. I am important to the Father, just as I am.

I'm happy to be recognized when it counts. I'm glad for a personal relationship with Jesus. I can get through to the Father any time. I (and you) are special to God. We're family.

- Shelia

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