Published June 14, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Helping Dad"

We live in the suburbs and I confess I really don't know most of my neighbors.

I've not been impressed with one set of neighbors. In fact, I don't even know who belongs in the house since there are always people coming and going.

But, the other evening, I realized I might have made a bad, hasty judgment. I was glancing out the back window and saw a man and his little boy walking up the hill of their driveway. That alone wouldn't have impressed me, but what they were doing did.

The man was carrying out the trash and was carrying a long item. The little boy, probably two or three, was "helping."

If you have worked with a toddler, you know that their "helping" ... isn't. The man could have accomplished getting the trash out much more quickly without the little boy's help. In fact, with the child hanging onto the package, there was more weight for the man to carry. The child stumbled going up the hill and the man had to stop and wait while the boy got back to hanging on and moving along.

But, the expression on the child's face was worth the added work. The memory that was being made was worth the trouble. It was a "father/son moment."

That is why we celebrate Father's Day. It is to honor all those fathers who have left their work, left their newspapers, left their golf clubs and football games, left their TVs and have stumbled along with their toddlers (and older sons and daughters) and made memories.

Happy Father's Day.

- Shelia

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