Published May 24, 2011

Shelia Shares....

Recently we attended a wonderful concert with Legacy Five, the Freedom Singers and Greater Vision. Greater Vision's Gerald Wolfe told how Rodney likes to watch bass fishing on TV on the bus. And, since it is on anyway, Gerald watches it, too.

As he tells it, someone goes out fishing for bass and takes along a whole camera crew. Finally, they get a fish. They hold the fish up for a picture.

Then they weigh it and release it.

Then they tell...

And, of course, they tell where to get everything.

To me, it seems that they get away from the actual bass fishing!

We, as Christians, are told to be fishers of men. And we start off fishing. But, then we can get side tracked, as well.

With the bass fishing, the fishermen need to fish. As Christians, we need to "fish," too. We need to actually talk to people about Jesus. We need to actually present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to actually invite people to accept Jesus' free offer of salvation to them.

If we don't fish, we will never reach anyone for Him. This week's lesson is simple and one word. "Fish!"

- Shelia

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