Published April 19, 2011

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I am thankful for the Easter season when we take time to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ, killed on a cross and risen to intercede for us and take us home for an eternity with Him in heaven. Pastor Bill shared the following devotional focused on the cross. If you want to subscribe to his devotional, go to . Happy Easter. He is risen!


Planting the Flag

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:18 "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God" NKJV

During the War of 1812 Francis Scott Keys met with British Admiral Cochrane aboard the HMS Surprise in Baltimore harbor. They stood on the deck of the ship over looking Fort McHenry. Francis was there to negotiate a prisoner exchange. The Admiral said Francis could have the prisoners but it didn't matter because they were about to bombard the Fort into submission with his armada of ships.

The British Admiral sent a messenger to the Fort and said, "If you lower your flag and surrender we will not destroy you."

Throughout the night the defiant troops inside the Fort with-stood barrage after barrage from the armada. More than eighteen hundred — 200 pound — exploding cannon balls were brought to bear on their flag. The spectacular site of the barrage inspired Keys to write the words to our National Anthem. The flag was hit multiple times but the troops held it high. When the shelling stopped the flag stood and the nation under God was saved.

Francis returned to the Fort with his released prisoners and saw the flag was torn, mangled and had been hit dozens of times. The flag was still standing because the dead bodies of the troops had been stacked in such a way that the flag could not fall.

Christian, our flag is under attack. The legal system, the anti-Christian crowd and the public education system have no place for our flag — the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. They would just as easily aim an armada of guns on our cross as General Cochrane did against the American flag in Baltimore Harbor.

The American flag is uniquely American just as the Canadian flag is uniquely Canadian. Or any other country's flag is uniquely them — but the Cross:

In all the world there is no more unique symbol than the cross. No building, no flag, no statue and no monument says so much as a wooden cross standing on a hill, placed on a grave or planted protecting a home, business or church. No other symbol so passionately sends the message of love, peace and joy than the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ standing and "Declaring God's Glory."

No words necessary — no commentary needed — the Cross says it all.

The cross says the Lord Jesus Christ came, Jesus died, Jesus rose from the dead and offers all who trust in Him eternal life while "Declaring God's Glory!"

The troops at Fort McHenry had a decision to make. They could have surrendered to those who would have spared their lives but destroyed all they stood for. Or they could have defied the odds and made sure the flag was still standing when the carnage ended.

We have the same decision today. We can sit and watch while the government, the public education movement and those who are anti-Christian remove, tear down and destroy our flag — The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Or we can stand up and be counted to defend our flag — defend our Crosses and plant new ones all around the USA and throughout the world. Right here and right now — enough is enough — make a stand for our flag — make a stand for the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ and Declare God's Glory.

Prayer: Father thank you for providing the symbol of the cross as the most recognized and unique witness to a world that has lost its faith and moral compass. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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