Published March 22, 2011

Shelia Shares....
"Just Look"

When I read the Old Testament, I like to look at how promises to the Children of Israel can also apply to us today. They must have been put into the Bible for a reason.

Deuteronomy 4:27-29 is one such passage. God tells the Israelites that they will be scattered among other nations. Nevertheless, He then reassures them with this promise: "But even there you can look for the Lord your God. And you will find Him if you look. But you must look for Him with your whole being."

This is another "conditional" promise. It is conditional on whether we look and our attitude of looking. God wants us to make the effort. Look. And, He is not content with us glancing around to see if He is there. He wants us to put our "whole being" into it.

I can vividly remember when our older son was about three years old. We were at a large shopping mall. Suddenly he was gone. I didn't just glance around. I looked. I searched the entire food court area. I went into several stores almost running through those long aisles. My entire being was feverishly devoted to finding my lost child. Those few minutes were some of the longest in my entire life!

God wants us to look for Him in the same way. And, if we do, He will be found.

- Shelia

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