Published December 28, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Just Laugh"

It was a wonderful day. December 11, 2010, I was up at 4:30 a.m. and headed to New York City with my sister-in-law for the day.

There we saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, walked through three Christmas seasonal bazaars (two outdoor bazaars in Central Park and at Union Square and one indoor bazaar at Grand Central Station), consumed a large deli sandwich (from Blake & Todd), rode the subway (several times) and more. There were people everywhere including a lot of strange Santas (we heard that drinks are discounted if people are dressed for the season and obviously, some had already consumed some drink). Throughout the day we encountered many helpful folks in finding our way on the street and on the subway.

Towards the end of the day, I needed to use the restroom so we headed for the Marriott Marquis to use theirs. I dislike revolving doors, so as soon as there was a gap in the door, I flew out and right into a procession of large men. I'm not sure if it was a big security man or a football player that picked me up and lifted me through the procession to the other side. Come to find out, the Heisman Trophy nominees' press conference prior to the awards was there at the Marriott Marquis. The football players were headed for their big black limousine and I stumbled into the midst of all those big men.

I thought it was a hilarious situation.

Now, I could draw several conclusions from this story.

I could liken this story to the fact that sometimes we move into dangerous situations without even knowing what we are doing. At times like that we can be thankful that God is there to lift us safely out of harms way.

I could say that even though we hear about all the bad that people do, there are good people in the world who will help us get where we are going. There are even strangers who will lift us out of harms way.

I could draw a conclusion, that just as I walked into where I should not have been, it is that easy to walk into sin. We need to keep our eyes wide open to that danger.

But, the only conclusion I am going to give is that when life puts you into an embarrassing situation, don't get self-conscious and hide your head with embarrassment. Instead of getting embarrassed or frustrated or angry, just laugh. Laugh at yourself and share the story so others can laugh. Know it will make a good story. Know it won't be the last time you get into such a spot. Just laugh.

For this New Year, I wish you God's blessing and grace and strength. Live the year one day (sometimes one hour or minute) at a time. And, laugh!

- Shelia

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