Published November 9, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Appreciating Your Pastor"

We've just celebrated Pastor Appreciation Month, so the following seems appropriate.

A Christian leader was approached by some church members who wanted to know of a way to get rid of their pastor. Here are the suggestions he gave. They should work for you.

1. Look your pastor straight in the eye while he is preaching and say "Amen!" once in a while. He'll preach himself to death.

2. Pat him on the back and tell him his good points. He'll work himself to death.

3. Rededicate your life to Christ and ask your minister for a job to do. He'll die of heart failure.

4. Get the church to pray for him. Soon he'll become so effective that a larger church will take him off your hands.

Although these suggestions are, of course, provided "tongue-in-cheek," they do give us much to think about regarding how we support our pastors – and our role in all this.

Thought: A pastor leads best when his people get behind him.

- Shelia

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