Published October 19, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Winners Either Way"

Recently when Paul and I took a walk through Lancaster City, every traffic light seemed to be in our favor so that we could keep walking from block to block. When we finally stopped walking to allow traffic to drive through the one traffic light that was red for us, Paul commented how fortunate we had been.

I responded that we were also blessed to have the lights against us, since it allowed me time to catch my breath.

We agreed we were winners either way.

When we walk with the Lord, it's the same. Whether through good times or bad times, Jesus walks with us. Sometimes He opens the doors wide open so we keep chugging along without a stop. Sometimes He closes the doors, so we need to choose a better direction to fit His purposes for our lives.

Either way, we are being guided in His steps. We truly are winners either way.\

- Shelia

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