Published Sepetmber 28, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"The Meeting"

Sarah Palin was an inspirational keynote speaker at the recent National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. We were privileged to be on the front row to hear her talk on family values, but even more privileged to be invited to a photo line for a photo with her.

Before we reached Sarah Palin, our names were checked against the list of invited guests, instructed as to where both Paul and I were to stand for the photo and told that we were to shake hands with her and introduce ourselves before the photograph was taken. Because of limited time and other guests, we were told to move quickly into position and we were not to carry on a lengthy conversation.

Finally, it was our turn. I walked to Sarah Palin and extended my hand which she took. I was suddenly overwhelmed and didn't say a word. She had to ask me for my name. Then Paul gave his name and we moved into position for the photo. Gov. Palin, who otherwise had no clue who we were, said to Paul, "You have a great radio voice," and Paul responded with a smiling, "That's what we do." The photo was taken, we said "thank you" and we moved on.

What stunned me was how I froze when I met Governor Palin. Why was I overwhelmed to meet someone I had only read about and seen on TV? I had met other important people, why did I "choke" this time?

It brought to mind another reception in my future. When I reach my heavenly home, how will I meet Jesus? Will I be tongue-tied? Will I be overwhelmed with Someone I have only read about and heard about from others? Perhaps.

The one big difference is that I have talked with Jesus. I do it on a regular daily basis. He knows my voice and I know His. We have been through a lot together, both good and bad. I don't have to explain my background to Him. He knows it more intimately than anyone else.

I've read His book, not just once but many times. I use His book for a reference so I know what He thinks and who He is. I carry His book around with me. I've introduced other people to Him. I mention Him in my conversations. I try to serve as a representative for Him.

I know He is expecting me to be at His big reception. I won't be a surprise to Him. I'm on His list. I won't need to introduce myself. He's even built a special place just for me.

There is a big difference knowing about someone and knowing Someone. How will you meet Jesus? Will it be as Someone you've heard of through a book or friend or will it be as your own personal Savior and Friend? Today is the day to decide. I trust you will approach heaven with joy and excitement, as you meet Jesus, your faithful friend, face to face.

- Shelia

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