Published September 7, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Fill ‘Er Up!"

The little bell dinged and the small gas tank picture located on the dashboard was brightly lit. My car gas tank needed to be filled – and it needed to be filled soon.

As I put gas in my tank, I debated putting in $10.00 or filling it. By just putting in a little, I could fill it when the price dropped (if it did). It would get me where I need to go (if I didn't travel far).

Of course, if I filled the tank, I wouldn't have to waste time stopping at a gas station later in the week. I could travel as far (within reason) as I wanted without worrying that I would run out of gas.

In our spiritual lives, we also need to be filled. Only for a very limited time can we run on "near empty." We need input from Bible reading, through prayer, through fellowship with other believers and through trusting and living for God. If we don't get this "filling," our lives show signs that we are running on empty.

On empty, the trials we face seem much too large. We don't have the energy to climb the hills before us. The sea is too rough to paddle across. The sun is so hot, we struggle in a desert. The wind is so strong, we constantly need to fight to even maintain where we are. Our feet get mired in the snow. On "empty," we show signs of being out of gas – lacking power.

Without a spiritual refill (infilling), we don't make progress in our life's journey and we struggle to have that mustard seed of faith that carries us forward.

What do you need to do to refill today? Are you going to read a Bible verse thinking it will fill the tank? Are you going to pray for your lunch thinking that will refill your tank? Are you going to fellowship with believers this Sunday and then wait until Thanksgiving to go again? Do you think a dollar of fellowship will get you through the next four months? Are the bells ringing and the lights flashing? Do you even notice them?

Today, I filled the car gas tank. I didn't buy just enough gas to get by. I wanted to be able to go as far as a full tank will get me. And, when I see the meter telling me the tank isn't full, I plan to fill it up again.

Spiritually, I also want to register full. I want to go full speed ahead. I want to overflow with joy. I want to bubble over with the presence of Christ, so nobody can doubt that I am a Christian.

I remember when there were gas station attendants. When you drove into the station, they would come to your car window. I remember my dad saying, "Fill ‘er up."

Today, I plan to do all I can to spiritually register full, as well as say to the Lord, "Fill ‘er up."

- Shelia

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