Published May 11, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Garage Sale Impressions"

During the week my schedule is full, so I enjoy a "slow," unscheduled Saturday. This Saturday was unscheduled, so I decided to take some off time and go garage sale hunting. It was a fun morning of looking at a variety of items for sale around the area.

Two churches were having garage sales, so they were on my list of stops. The first church was well organized and had lots of good deals. I found a Pfaltzgraff mug and a Corning Ware sauce pan for the microwave. I paid 20 cents for both items. (I prefer to call it "frugal," rather than "cheap.")

The second church held their yard sale outside in their parking lot. The stands seemed to go on forever. I doubled my spending (40 cents) and got two more items. It was a fun, relaxing time for me of seeking out bargains and watching people.

The first church is probably more in line with my beliefs. However, no one from that church spoke to me or to other shoppers. When you paid for items, they were friendly as they cashed you out. Otherwise, the people who were talking together came together or were fellow members of that church. It might not have been so noticeable, except that I went on to the second church.

At the second church, I heard someone on a loud speaker as soon as I entered the parking lot. His comments were humorous, informative (food for sale) and entertaining. His voice was welcoming and joyful. When he wasn't speaking, the air was full of music. (Not my style of music, but nonetheless music played with Christian words.) The stand keepers were smiling and pleasant. They weren't pushy, but they were open to conversations. The air was full of chatter and everyone was included in it.

As I was leaving the church parking lot, the gentleman was on the speakers again. "This yard sale isn't the only thing that happens here. We also have worship services starting tomorrow morning at 9:45 a.m. and every Sunday morning. We'd like to see everyone in this parking lot now joining us for services tomorrow. Everyone is welcome."

I don't need a new home church since we already have one. However, if I were looking for a church, which church do you think I would check out?

There are people who are seeking a place to worship the Lord. Have we put out the welcome mat? Have we demonstrated Jesus?

- Shelia

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