Published May 4, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Joyful Noise"

Our church hosted a hymn sing. There are some good singers in our congregation. There are others who carry a tune but aren't solo quality. There are others who get the words out, but the tune is missing. Your church is probably the same.

What did God see when He looked down on our congregation of singers?

I was reminded of the time back when our sons were young. When they began to sing a song around the house, I was so proud. I nudged Paul and said, "Aren't they great? Aren't you proud? Do you hear them?"

Now, some notes might have been missed. The tune might have been their own version. Even words might have been missed or interpreted wrongly. To me, it was perfect. I was so proud.

With the hymn sing going on, I could imagine God up in heaven. He probably nudged an angel and said, "Aren't they great?"

I could see the angel looking down at us questioning, "Are you talking about them?"

God's reply would have been, "They're singing about me. They're singing to me. I'm so proud of my children."

"Make a joyful noise" is scriptural. How God hears the noise is divine.

- Shelia

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