Published April 13, 2010

Shelia Shares....
"Planning Ahead"

I like to read real life "bozo criminal" stories and here is a great one I recently read.

Albert Baker and a 16-year-old accomplice thought they had come up with the ultimate plan for simplifying bank robberies. They simply called ahead to the bank, telling the teller that they were on their way to rob the place. They suggested that to avoid trouble, the bank should have a bag of money ready to go. Unfortunately for them, the teller called the cops, who were there waiting for our bozos when they arrived.

Generally, it is a good plan to plan ahead. Generally, it is good to notify our hosts if we are going visiting. Generally, it is good to have things that need to be picked up, ready for pick up. Generally, it is good to share plans so that things work as desired.

But, generally, it is good to have a "good" plan. It is good to use wisdom in our planning.

When we think of our lives, it is good to plan. We plan ahead for our education, career, marriage and children. We even plan ahead for vacations and family times. We plan ahead for retirement.

But, if our plans are only for this world, we are no different than the story of the bozo. If we never take the right path to heaven – and the Bible says there is only one way (through Jesus) – then we aren't using wisdom in our planning. If we travel the broad road with the crowd heading for destruction, we won't end up on the narrow path leading to heaven.

If we never accept the great gift given by Jesus, the gift of salvation through His blood, then we are spinning our wheels and going nowhere. When life ends on earth, what will greet us is the one we have served, not the Christ who wanted to save. And, it was our decision.

Thinking that we have developed the perfect plan for this life sounds a lot like our bozo. But, the plan isn't ours. The plan has already been developed by God and we need to fit into it by living as He lived and accepting the free gift that He gave.

When we live like tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next will continue to come, likely we'll be surprised when there are no more tomorrows. At that point, as it was when the bozos reached the bank, it will be too late to look at our plans and choose wisely.

When we take a chance that the Bible isn't true, that God doesn't exist and that death ends in death, then we are like the bozo in not seeing the end result clearly.

While you are planning, plan ahead for death. If we accept God's plan of salvation, then death will really be life with Him. And unlike our bozos, we won't be surprised with an unexpected ending. We'll be thrilled with a life with Christ forever.

- Shelia

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