Published March 9, 2010

Shelia Shares....

This weekend my son asked me how to make scrambled eggs. I told him it was an easy dish and gave the basic directions. Then he explained that he wanted them to contain other things. What could he add?

We compiled a list of potential additional ingredients – things that might be added to an omelet. He headed for the store – and I headed for a different store to get things I needed for our meals during the following week.

At the house, he had his ingredients lined up. Aside from the eggs, he had purchased green peppers, potatoes, grated cheese, Canadian bacon and bacon. Step by step, with a little advice, he chopped and cooked.

He started with a green pepper. I showed him how to easily get rid of that top stem. He then cut the pepper into a couple of pieces and got rid of the seeds. Then he cut the remainder into chunks. As he started to cut the potatoes into pieces, I suggested he open the bacon and get it started. That way the pan would have grease in it to fry up his vegetables before adding the eggs.

Because the bacon was too long for the pan, he used his knife and the cutting board to cut it smaller. That started a lesson about contamination, most of which he already knew. The point was that once the raw bacon connected with the knife, the knife was contaminated and anything that touched the knife was contaminated. Once the bacon was placed on the cutting board, the cutting board was contaminated, as well as anything that touched it.

The scrambled eggs lesson continued with my son doing the work. I just threw in suggestions to make preparation easier. Every suggestion was worth it, because the finished product was delicious!

The contamination comments apply to more than cooking. We are in a world contaminated by sin. We are around it every day. The temptations are everywhere. We can't avoid being around it, but do we allow it to touch our lives and to pull us away from a clean life in Jesus Christ?

When we have become contaminated with sin, when we have done what we should not have done, we need to get clean.

The food that touched the cutting board or knife went into a frying pan to be cooked. The heat took away the contamination of the raw meat.

My cutting board and knife also needed to be cleansed from the contamination. They went into the dishwasher. The heat and soap took away their contamination.

The only thing that can remove our contamination and make us clean is the blood of Jesus Christ. We need to confess that we have sinned. We need to ask forgiveness for that sin. And we need to accept the cleansing that only Jesus Christ can give. Once Jesus has applied that heat and soap of His love, we can again be "uncontaminated" and forgiven.

We don't hesitate to clean our dishes. Why wait to ask for and accept forgiveness?

- Shelia

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