Published February 16, 2010

Shelia playing in the snowShelia Shares....
"Traveling By Faith"

During our recent snow storms – around two feet of snow each time – life here was very focused, necessarily, on moving snow. During the second storm (which came mid-week), I stayed at our offices and Paul stayed at home for a day. I could keep up with phones and processing and packing orders. He could do writing and e-mails and shoveling every couple of hours. It seemed to work well, but after three nights at the office, I was very glad to have the weather settle enough so that I would be at least somewhat comfortable traveling home.

On one day when the traffic was not moving (even on area Interstates 83 and 81, which were, for a time, closed), our mailman came to deliver the mail. We were shocked to see him that day.

Later he explained. On a day when no one should have been out, the mailmen were instructed that they were to "attempt" delivery. He told his supervisors that he would take all his mail and "attempt" delivery at the minute-mart, pharmacy, flower shop and Gospel music place (us). He did that and headed back to the post office facility.

Our mailman has been delivering mail for about 40 years. He knows our area well. That day driving back to the post office, there were "white out" conditions with snow falling and snow blowing. He knew where he was going. He knew where he was. But, he couldn't "see" where he was. Nothing looked the same with everything — everywhere — white.

He got back safely but admitted it was a scary trip.

We are on a trip. As Christians, we have an eternal heavenly goal. Sometimes we can't see where we are. We can't see where we are going. But we continue to go. We travel by faith. Sometimes all we can do is trust that God, who has lead us so far, will continue to lead us until we are safely home.

Know that the unseen hand of God is clearing your path. Keep traveling, Christian. Keep trusting.

- Shelia

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