Published Nov. 17, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"It's Just Natural"

Last evening Paul and I had the privilege of seeing a one-day-old baby. It wasn't just any baby. It was a great-nephew named Zachary David.

Zachary is a cute little guy. His head is well rounded and he was alert enough to try to hold and turn it. He has that newborn baby, high pitched little cry. His toes and long fingers are perfect and his thumb even found its way into his mouth while we were there.

When they asked if I wanted to hold him, of course I said "yes." When I picked him up, someone teased, "Are you sure you remember how to hold a little one like that?"

Of course, I remembered. Once you are a mother, I don't think you ever forget how to hold a baby. Although you are careful, there's no fear in picking him up. It comes naturally to support his head. The other arm works like a cradle fitting perfectly around his little bottom. The mother noises and soothing and snuggling just come naturally.

In many ways, the same can be said about the Christian life. Although we all need to guard against temptations and sins, when we've walked with the Lord and trained our thoughts and actions, eventually it comes naturally. It is natural to pray when you hear a siren. It is natural to pray when someone confronts you about your Christian faith or when someone asks why you believe. It is natural to turn to Christ when you feel alone. It is natural to call out to the Lord in the middle of a storm or when everything around you seems to be crashing. It is natural to just praise the Lord when good things happen.

In the same way, when you've walked with the Lord in this life and He's been such a close friend, it will simply seem natural to hold His hand as you cross from this life to your heavenly, eternal life.

If you don't have the pleasure of walking with the Lord and if you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal savior, do it today. Then let His love and joy and peace flow through you, as you practice walking with Him daily. Then, it will be natural for you to hold His hand as you make that final crossing from this life to your heavenly, eternal home.

- Shelia

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