Published Nov. 3, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"Back To Basics - Responses"

Last week in this column, I talked about a clerk who did not know how to make change for my 84 cent drink. It sparked some interesting and humorous responses. Here are a few that you may enjoy.

"This story reminds me of a happening here at our local super market several years ago. On the way home, I stopped by the store and thought I was asking the meat clerk for an easy and simple purchase. I asked him for 12 ounces of chopped sirloin. He had no earthly idea how to weigh 12 ounces. After I studied a few seconds, I figured out what his problem was. I then asked for 75/100 of a pound and he had no problem with that (.75). The charts on the scale had been changed from ounces to percentages of pounds. I, too, would like to teach a math class to 20 year olds. Perhaps they could also teach me some things." —C.R . (No doubt they could teach all of us some things! —S.H.)

"Had to laugh at your story about the cashier not being able to make change. I've had a good experience with that also on several occasions. One of the best was at a local fast food place. I placed my order and gave the cashier my money. When he gave me my change, he gave me back way too much money. When I brought it to his attention he looked at me with a blank stare. The manager came over to see what was wrong and I explained it to her. The kid stood there and was counting on his fingers. The receipt showed the change I should of gotten back. I walked out in disbelief after getting it straightened out. I was fully expecting him to take off his shoes to finish counting. I may not be the best at math, but I do know simple arithmetic. If he had been busy I could over look it. The manager didn't even thank me for being honest, but I wasn't looking for it either." —R.K.

"I purchased an item for 99 cents one day at a store where apparently the register didn't show the amount of change. I gave the girl a dollar and she actually got out paper, wrote down a dollar, subtracted the 99 cents, then gave me the penny change!" —D.G.

"Thanks, Shelia, for the reminder to pastors to remember the basics. I agree that too often, I can make assumptions that the congregation already knows something that I think is a basic. But if they don't know, I've probably just lost them for the rest of the sermon." —D.W.

My "Shelia Shares" wasn't to put down anyone who has problems making change or knowing what I feel is basic knowledge. It was written to encourage us all to meet people where they are and be sure they have the basics to understand when we share Jesus. Jesus didn't go about looking for the perfect people. He just met people where they were and helped them to come to Him.

- Shelia

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