Published 10-20-2009

Shelia Shares....
"Missed Opportunities"

I just recently saw a sign for "Dollhouses and Miniatures." It is on a major road that I take most days to go to work. It is the same road that I take to my church and to many other places. I had not seen the sign before.

I had some time on a Saturday morning, so I stopped in at the shop. The dollhouses are wonderful, any child's dream, and filled with all kinds of miniatures. Although it is a store that sells the dollhouses and miniatures, I felt like I was in a museum that people pay to visit. It was well worth my time.

I asked if the shop was new in that area. No. She had been there 26 years!

So often we are on the way to something important. We don't even see the places and people that we pass. They are just a part of the unimportant scenery.

Who do we pass by? What needs are before our eyes but never seen? Who needs a friendly word or a smile? Who needs to see Jesus in us? Who needs to know that someone cares? What opportunity has been set in our path, so that we could make a difference in someone's life?

This week, look around. What have you been missing? Where are you needed?

- Shelia

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