Published Sept. 29, 2009

Shelia Shares....
"About Paul"

At the recent National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY, Paul Heil was a recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his work in Southern Gospel music. As his wife, I was allowed to offer a few comments about him before he received the award from the Southern Gospel Music Guild. Following is what I shared:

When I met and married Paul Heil, it wasn't because of his deep bass voice. (Although, I do like his voice.) It wasn't because of his money. (What money?) It was because of the same quality that qualifies Paul for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

When you think of Paul Heil, you probably think of The Gospel Greats program – and with good reason.

Probably, you think of the quality of production he does in tying the music and the artists' comments together. Perhaps you think of the quality of production he does in editing artist comments so the artists say what they want to say in the best possible way.

But, I have one word that I think describes Paul better than any other.

I would describe Paul with the word "integrity."

Paul is a man of integrity. Over the years, industry people have tried to direct him as to what should be included on The Gospel Greats program. He listened, left the meeting and continued to do what he felt God directed him to do.

The Gospel Greats program features artists without any charge. He won't allow people to pay to be featured or to have a spotlight, although many have asked. Why? He wants to preserve the integrity of the program – the integrity of selecting music "worthy" to be featured.

His integrity comes across in that he feels his production should be as good as – or better than – any secular show, since this program is associated with, and for the glory of, God. And that concern is shown by the amount of time it takes to produce a "little" two hour program.

He holds to high standards of living. One time I remember Paul telling me that if there was anything that he did that would bring down the name of Jesus, he would quit producing the program. He feels strongly that how he lives needs to reflect Jesus Christ. That is integrity.

Paul, I am proud of you. I'm proud of what you have accomplished. Most of all, I am proud of the way you live your life – for Christ – and with integrity.

— Shelia Heil

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