Published 4/7/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Paid In Full"

Both of our sons have attended college and are currently paying their college loans. For Christmas and birthdays, the majority of their present from us has been payment towards those loans. Although we might want to do more, our gift has been only a portion of their loans.

I know they appreciate the funds we contribute in this way. We chose not to pay it all, but we can contribute a share.

When Jesus came to earth, He could have made a down payment towards our salvation. Perhaps He could have gone to the trial and said, "I did enough. Sinners aren't going to appreciate it any way, so this is as far as I go."

He could have struggled with the cross to the bottom of Calvary and left it there. He would have been right in saying, "Look how far I came. I went to the point of death for you."

He could have allowed Himself to be hung on a cross. But when it came to the point of a horrible death, He could have asked the angels to come and get Him down. We couldn't have faulted Him for that.

However, only a "portion" towards our salvation would not have given us salvation and an eternity with God. Close just wasn't enough. We needed to have our debt paid in full. We needed to obtain salvation through faith in a sinless God who chose to go the full distance to a total death on the cross because of our sin.

Although a partial payment towards a loan is good, it isn't the same as paid in full.

When it came to salvation, it wasn't enough that Jesus did good. It wasn't enough that He suffered. When it came to providing salvation, it was only through the full death and resurrection of a sinless Savior that my life's "balance due" could be stamped "paid in full." Thank you, Jesus, for going all the way.

- Shelia

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