Published 3/24/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Best Friends"

This past Friday evening I was surprised to get a call from my cousin from Michigan. We had been close friends in our growing up years, but really lost touch over the past 35 years. Since she was one of the speakers at a Crosslinks banquet, she was at a motel in a town about a half hour from Lancaster.

Her Saturday schedule was free until the evening banquet, so I told her I'd pick her up for breakfast. We went to a big area smorgasbord.

From the time I knocked on her motel room door until I dropped her off at her motel again, we talked. After all these years of not even seeing each other, there was no looking for conversation. We talked about family, our marriages, our kids, about the good and the bad in our lives, God, past jobs and travels, funny happenings, memories and more. It was the kind of conversation where we each shared and we each listened. There were things I wanted to ask her, things I wanted to say and so much catching up to do.

I had been so excited on Friday night that it was after midnight before I got to sleep and I woke several times during the night. She shared that she woke four times during the night because she was so excited about getting together. There was no fear about meeting. It was sheer anticipation.

As Christians someday we will go to heaven. How excited do I get about seeing Jesus? What do I want to ask Him? What do I want to tell Him? Is our being together even on my mind? Do I anticipate heaven with excitement or are there fears? Is our relationship close enough that I know He will understand me without explanation? Are there particular memories of what we've been through together that I want to relive with Him?

Is an eternity with my Lord somewhere off in the future or do I truly look for Him today? Does His work on the earth and my confidence in Him influence the way I meet people and share with them today?

Just as seeing my cousin face to face was a cause of joy, so it will be -- even much more -- when I see Jesus. We won't have to introduce ourselves. We're already best friends.

- Shelia

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