Published 3/17/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Avoiding Problems"

Recently when we visited a radio station, the manager told us about an overnight employee who, some years ago, had a problem. (And, don't we all?!)

One night the manager was listening to the station and realized all the programs were running straight through. For some reason, this employee wasn't doing the weather and news, commercials and other format items that needed to be inserted between programs. The manager got up and went into the station to find his employee sleeping.

He woke him and they got the programing back on track. This problem never occurred again, although the employee continued in his overnight job.

Sometime later the manager noticed various CDs were pulled partway out of their storage slots in the library each morning when he came to work. He asked the employee about this.

The employee told him that he realized he had a problem staying awake. While programs were playing, he would walk around the building to keep himself awake. Every time he had walked a certain number of times around the building, he would pull out a CD. This way he knew how many laps he had done and the walking kept him awake to do his job.

This employee recognized his problem. Do you know what your problem is? Recognizing our problems is the first step to overcoming them.

If you need to be dieting, don't stock your cupboards and refrigerator with poor choice foods. Instead, stock up on the healthful, beneficial foods that you need to be eating.

If immorality is a problem, don't keep company with people who tempt you to commit adultery. Don't watch the shows or read the magazines that tempt you to think this immorality is normal and ok.

If you know the drinking is your problem, then don't hang around bars. Don't keep alcohol in your refrigerator.

If stealing is your problem, get into and out of a store quickly and stay in sight of other people. Don't enter the store with shopping bags or bulky coats convenient for stuffing.

The station employee recognized his problem and took steps to overcome it. By thinking ahead and using Godly wisdom, you can overcome your problem.

- Shelia

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