Published 3/3/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Making a Difference (Followup)"

My "Shelia Shares" last week was about the difference my high school speech teacher made in my life. It triggered a response from Patty in Phoenix and I wanted to share her comments with you.

"A speech teacher made a huge difference in my life, too. Her name was Mrs. Gilespie. I was a senior, but had just moved here from a small town in Illinois. There were over 5,000 students in this one school.

"The town I came from had a mere 9,000 residents. I was overwhelmed. After the first speech we had to give, an extemporaneous one, she kept me after class. She told me I couldn't live in two places at once. She gave me some good advice on how to meet people. All I had to do was smile and say hello to them every time I passed them. She guaranteed that in a couple weeks, they would be seeking me out.

"And low and behold, it happened. And the people who sought me out were people like the Student Body President, whose locker was near mine, and he was very intrigued by my actions. He wanted to know who in the world I was. And so it went. I met so many great people. And it made my transition so much nicer.

"I had moved from a semi-rural area in the Northern Illinois plains to the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix AZ, surrounded by beautifully rugged mountains. She made my life bearable. Thanks for the memories. Patty in Phoenix"

Everyone of us can make a difference in someone's life. Who will you take time to encourage this week?

- Shelia

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