Published 1/20/2009

Shelia Shares....
"What's In Your Address?"

People say a lot about themselves through their email addresses. Sometimes it might be said in fun, but sometimes people are making a serious statement about themselves.

I like to read email addresses and imagine the person. Maybe you will enjoy it, too.

Many people simply use their name as their email such as shelia or sheliaheil, probably because it is easy to remember.

For some people, their family is obviously important. A couple of these are Ihavetwinsplusone, daddyof1234 or huntersmommy17 or grannyjmc. Softballgranny not only is proud of her grandkids, but also of her sport skills and pastordad2 honors both his calling and his kids. Memaw_pepaw have also gladly exchanged their names for their position with their grandchildren. An email address from a wife brought a smile to my face: mastershotwife.

A couple that really bring pictures to mind are ratgirl123, irondragonbiker, hotdesertrats, fossil_lover_woman, mamziepooh and a41redneckwoman. Northcarolinalady is proud of where she lives. Catlady5 sounds like an animal lover, while Namvet1968 remembers where they served their country and probably when. Iamnotpostal is trying to convince us that they are sane, while crazygoose makes us wonder. For some reason, dingaling made me think blonde and I can just picture the gentlegiant.

Some people are passionate about something. I would guess that ilovetoreadbooks has a passion for reading and I picture imabookw0rm forgetting to do chores while cuddled up on a bed reading. Keepyousmiling and sunshinesunnyland keeps a happy face whatever the circumstances. Shopping speaks for itself.

I would guess that these emails refer to a specific job such as signserve, kitchenqueen, greenhouse2, medic9350 and rtractorman. Fretkeys is probably a guitar player or possibly someone who is unhappy about everything. I wasn't sure whether baloneymail was a job in a baloney factory or someone who just talked a lot.

There were a couple of sweet email addresses I found. They were honeybear 111 and sugarjets.

Daredevil and dillydally seemed to say a lot about how people live their lives.

Gospelgroupie1 probably follows her favorite Gospel group or maybe many Gospel groups and sgm4me lets us know her favorite style of music. We enjoyed hearing from gospelgreatslistener and assume she is a faithful listener to the program each weekend. Cityparson could be a preacher in a city setting.

IsingforJesus tells not only what the person does but the reason behind it. There are some that make references to their faith such as kingjamesgang and prayforgwb. Others that speak of faith are choozgod1, webelieveinhim, prayn4u, jesusluvsu, aguyonfire4god, savedbygracesinr and graceforever.

One of my favorite email addresses was comeupwithsomethingnow. That made me chuckle.

Next time you send an email or choose a new email address, think about what you are saying about yourself or about what is important to you. Choose with care.

- Shelia

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