Published 1/13/2009

Shelia Shares....
"Don't Worry"

As I was thinking about the new year, I received an email from a friend. She is facing many changes this year and 2009 looks like it will be a difficult one for her. She wrote that she has already shed tears over it.

It wasn't until I read my reply that I found God speaking to me. Maybe it applies to your life, as well as hers and mine.

My suggestion is that you don't face obstacles until they are in front of you. I think we all waste a lot of time and energy (emotional) on things that can be dealt with more fittingly when they actually happen (if they happen). God promises to give us strength to face today's trials. He will give tomorrow's strength when we need it -- tomorrow.

I speak from experience since I tend to be a worrier. When I wait until the situation happens, it is so much easier to face. God has prepared the way for me and God has prepared me. Things don't seem so bleak and the situation isn't as hopeless as expected. I can actually deal with what has already happened, rather than waste energy dreading what might happen.

One of the definitions of "fret" is "to be worn or eaten away." That's exactly what fretting (worrying) can do to you emotionally. Do you want more time to "live?" Worry less...or not at all.

I know from experience that God does answer prayers and does direct in the best way whenever we ask. Let God open the doors for you to go through and close those He wants closed. He will make a way for you in 2009.

- Shelia

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