Published March 6, 2018

Paul's Epistle
"Holy Boldness"

Last week in this column I recalled the amazingly effective ministry of Billy Graham. On this coming weekend's broadcast you'll hear how his ministry forever changed the lives of some Southern Gospel artists and their families.

But evangelism – telling others about Christ – is not just for the Billy Grahams of our day. It is something each and every one of us is called to do as a Christian, individually. We are to tell others about Christ and invite them to become Christ-followers, too — not always before thousands of people, but one-on-one with those we encounter who need to hear.

Recently, Randy Crawford of the Kingsmen posted an example of how his wife did that recently. Here's his story and his commentary, used here by permission:

"My wife Caroline Cross Crawford, again, continues to teach me every day how a true ambassador for Christ should really act. While on the Singing At Sea cruise a young waiter from the Ukraine came to our table. She struck up a small conversation with him and proceeded to ask him if he knew it was an all-Christian cruise. He acknowledged he was aware of that fact and said how enjoyable it was for him to be working on the cruise line. He had only been on the ship a short time and was there until September.

"The next thing out of her mouth took me a little by surprise, but it shouldn't have. She said, ‘I have to ask you, are you a believer in Jesus Christ?' He said he was not sure of what he believed. That he was still searching for answers. All of us told him we would pray for him in his search and assured him that Jesus loved him.

That's the true business of witnessing. That's the real work of planting seeds for the Kingdom. Singing is great, preaching is wonderful. But how many times do we present God's Son to a perfect stranger one-on-one? Not beating them over the head with a Bible, but in love introducing them to the Savior of the world. I don't do it near enough. I'm guilty as charged.

"Shouldn't we change our way of thinking when it comes to being a witness for Christ? In all love and humility present the good news of the Gospel that Jesus loves them and died for their sins. He rose again victorious over death and will return one day to rule and reign forever and ever. Sounds so simple, but seems almost impossible for some.

"Let's have a holy boldness about our witness. Let our love of Jesus show in all we do. And let our prayer always be that God gives us an opportunity to share His love and His Son with everyone we meet. Even the waiter in a restaurant."

- Paul Heil

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