Published February 20, 2018

Paul's Epistle
"Coming This Weekend..."

I have found some interesting stories to share with you. They could be considered a followup to last week's column in this space about speaking out boldly for Christ. However, I'll have to put off sharing that until at least next week.

Today I simply want to tell you about something on this coming weekend's program – the start of our four-week 2018 Great Annual Giveaway.

Because last weekend's program was the special edition entitled "Top 20 of the 1970s"thanks, by the way, for all of your comments about that program – I didn't even have a chance on the air to mention that the Great Annual Giveaway would be coming this weekend. This is our biggest on-air giveaway of the year and I wanted to be sure you knew about it.

This year's prizes include the 2019 Singing At Sea Cruise from Templeton Tours (this year's entire-ship cruise, last week, was sold out by last fall, and was truly exceptional), a three day/night visit to this April's Singing In The Sun in Myrtle Beach, SC, one of Southern Gospel music's biggest annual events, and also sample copies of Singing News magazine and 200 special compilation CDs.

Complete details about the prizes can be found online here, beginning this Friday. That is also where you find the online entry form or information about entering by mail.

But please remember that, as in past years, you must listen to the program for the "Key Phrase" or "Key Word" announced on the air during the broadcast each week, and each week's "key" is different. You'll need that information to validate your entry, proving that you listened. The "key" is announced several times during each program.

We really would like to hear from you this year!  And remember that you can enter once for each of the giveaway's four weeks.

Why is all of this important?  Both of the Grand Prizes this year involve "campmeeting-style" opportunities for Bible study and worship, with outstanding Bible teachers as well as great singers on Templeton Tour's Singing At Sea cruise and at the Singing In The Sun at Myrtle Beach.

That's supremely important.  But we really look on all of this as a way that we can partner with these generous prize suppliers to thank you, our listeners, in a tangible manner for your faithfulness in listening to our broadcast over the years. And, well, it's fun, too.

As the Apostle Paul told the Colossians, "We give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you..." (Col. 1:3).

And as I sometimes say on the air, "Thanks so much for listening — because if you weren't there, we couldn't be here."

- Paul Heil

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