Published May 16, 2017

Paul's Epistle
"Go Tell..."

Last week in this space I talked about the Lord's command that we tell others about the Lord and how to come to a saving knowledge of Him.

I feel very blessed to have been given the kind of work I have. I do what I love doing and, in the process, serve God by sharing the Gospel through radio and even through this newsletter. Over the years I've heard from several people who told me that, because of the lyrics of a Gospel song or because of an artist testimony heard on the broadcast, they gave their lives to the Lord. What a thrill it is to hear such things!

But the biggest thrill is in leading someone personally to the Lord. You'll never forget the first time it happens to you. When I was barely out of college I taught a 4th grade Sunday School class of boys – very active boys. But after class one Sunday, one of the boys didn't rush off as usual. He stayed and asked questions. And he wound up giving his life to the Lord. Now that's a thrill!

It's the Holy Spirit, of course, who prepares a heart to accept Christ. But our Lord has given us a role in all of this. Otherwise, why would He have told us – by telling His disciples – to go into all the world and be witnesses? (See Mark 16:15.)

But for the Lord to use you, you must put yourself in a position where He can do that. And you must be willing.

And don't be discouraged if you share the Gospel and don't hear results. On the Saturday before Easter some years ago I walked through the little town where our church was located and hung special "doorhangers" on the doors of a hundred residences. These included Easter tracts, a Gospel of John, a little kit of candy corn and an invitation to church. I didn't personally see any response to that effort. Yet. But it really doesn't matter. Isaiah 55:11 tells us what God says: "So shall My word be that goes forth from my mouth: it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

What that means is that if you faithfully do your part, it's up to God to get the results He desires. We have to believe that if we put His word out there, if we tell others about Christ, God will use it to touch lives. What happens when you do nothing? Nothing. What happens when you do something? Maybe nothing. But maybe something!

A woman once told the great evangelist Dwight L. Moody she didn't like his method of evangelism. He startled her by admitting he didn't like it much either. "What's your system?" he asked. The woman said, "Well, I really don't have one." "Then," Moody replied, "I like mine much better than yours."

Reliable surveys of Christians over the years have consistently found that the number of professing Christians who actually introduce others to Christ is very small, usually around just two percent! Are we forgetting the Great Commission? Do we think it just applies to someone else?

Although much of our attention is on church, the real mission field is outside the church walls. The real mission field is where we are every day. One study found that 92 percent of Jesus' contacts with ordinary people were out in the mainstream of life, not in the temple or synagogues.

In John 14:15, Christ told His disciples, "If you love Me, keep My commandments." Later, Peter told Cornelius that Christ had "commanded us to testify, that through His name, whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins." (Acts 10:42-43.) And that "command" – found in the Great Commission – still applies to us today as believers. Do you love Him enough to keep His commandment to be a witness?

The Lord's command, "go into all the world," begins right where you are. Your testimony is no good to anyone if you keep it to yourself. Tell someone!

What if no one had ever bothered to tell you?

- Paul

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