Published February 14, 2017

Paul's Epistle
"How Do I Love Thee?"

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

That's one of the best-known "love lines" in English literature, the opening of a sonnet penned by the 19th century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Although that's about romantic love, that line came to mind as I was thinking about how God might "count the ways" that He loves us. Of course, God has already provided the greatest "love letter" of all, His Holy Word, to tell us all about it. So, with that as an inspiration (and without any pretense of creating a sonnet), here's some of what He might say...

How do I love thee?  Let Me count the ways.
I love you in ways far beyond your understanding.
I love you with an infinite love – as only I can.

You've heard that "as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts."1 So it is with My love.
My love for you is so much greater than you could possibly imagine.

I've loved you since before I created Creation.
I love you so much that I created this world – and brought you into it, to give you a home.
I've loved you — you, personally — since long before you were born.2
What's more, I've loved you since long before you loved Me or even knew Me.3
In My love I gave you five senses to experience and enjoy the beauty of My creation.
In My love, I've given you a body to interact with this physical Creation.
I gave you family and friends to share your human love — love which I placed in your heart.
I have loved you as an example so you can love others.4

In my love, I know you better than you know yourself.5
I love you because you have diligently sought Me – and found Me.6
I love you because you are My child.7
And because you are My child, ask and I will give you everything you need.8
Because I love you, just like a Good Shepherd, I will care for you.9
Because I love you, you can cast all your cares, all your burdens, on Me.10
Because My love is perfect, it can drive out all of your fears.11
Because I love you, I have planned blessings for you – to give you hope and a future.12
Seek My ways, and, in My love, I will show you.

And I will love you forever – because My love endures forever.13
Indeed, I have loved you with an everlasting love, a steadfast love.
That's why I have drawn you to Myself.14

Yes, My love is an everlasting love – it cannot be quenched.
My love is merciful, is gracious and is faithful.15
My love is so great that you are always on My mind, as if I had your name inscribed on the palms of My hands.16

I love you so much that I will not allow any power, nor any other creature, nor even death itself, to separate you from My love.17
Because of My great love for you, no one else can ultimately prevail against you.18

I love you so much that I want to enjoy your presence, your companionship, forever — for all eternity.
That's why I sent my only Son, Jesus, to make it possible.19
That's why I sent Him, not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.20
I love My Son. And He loves Me.21
And because He loves Me, and because He also loves you so much, He obediently and willingly died a gruesome death on the Cross to pay the penalty for your sins.22
        Oh, what love! Yes, infinite love!

Therefore, you have been saved by My amazing grace – which is an expression of My great love.23

I love My Son. And because you love Him, My love is in you.
Because you love Him, I love you all the more for His sake.24
Because you love Him, I will make Myself and My ways known in your heart.25
Because you love Him, He and I will make Our home with you.26

You can feel My love now. But when I welcome you to heaven, you will experience the fullness of My love for you. It will permeate every fiber of your being. Forever!

I am the love you feel when you think about Me, when you pray to Me, when you live my way.
I am that love. It's My very essence. Love is what I am. I am love.27
I am.28


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