Published September 20, 2016

Paul's Epistle
"Only Jesus"

"This nation – it needs a spiritual healing from Almighty God. Our country – I don't have to tell you – is in trouble. And the only hope for this country is God. It's not the politicians. It's God."

The words above are those of Franklin Graham, who's visiting all 50 state capitals for prayer rallies, encouraging Christians to pray for God's guidance, especially with a very significant presidential election coming up.

Graham's words reminded me of Gordon Mote's recent radio song, "Only Jesus Can Heal This Hurting World." Sometimes, with all the hoopla and controversy that surrounds political campaigns, that very basic Christian truth can get lost in all the noise.

In Gordon's words, "We need to prayerfully consider who we are going to vote for. Paul, we've got to vote. Christians need to get out and vote. In mass numbers. The second thing is, while we prayerfully consider who will get our vote, we need to keep in our minds that we can't depend on just one person or a group of people because only Jesus can heal this hurting world."

That's why Gordon co-wrote his song with Lyn Rowell. It says, in part,

     This world will not get better on its own.
     More problems each day and we're losing sight of hope.
     We need to admit, we can't fix what's going wrong.
     But there's Someone Who can do what we've needed all along.

     Only Jesus can heal this hurting world.
     Only Jesus can heal this hurting world.
     No one can love like He does,
     Heart by heart and one by one.
     Only Jesus can heal this hurting world.

Just stop for a moment and ponder: If all Americans were Christians – or even if most Americans subscribed to Christian values – would we have the problems we have today in American society? Violence, abortion, sodomy – it wouldn't be there, at least, certainly, not to the degree we're seeing today.

Wouldn't that be a pleasant change from what we're seeing today?

True, someday – when the Lord returns for His millennial reign – there will finally be peace on earth. But He came to bring peace for us in the here-and-now, too. While the Lord has already won the war, we're not doing very well with the interim battles our society is pitching against Christians and Godly values. We – each of us, individually, and, of course, collectively – need to get the word out. We need to show Christ's love in very practical ways.

Gordon Mote says, "There's so much hurt, so much unforgiveness, so many people are fighting and they don't know why. And Jesus is the only One who can heal those hurts – not any political party, not a political platform – there's no perfect plan out there. Only Jesus can heal this hurting world."

Jesus is, indeed, the only way. He said it Himself: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6). "The" way – definite article, meaning the one-and-only way.

Franklin Graham recently offered this urgent prayer that puts things facing our society into perspective:

"Father, we're guilty of bowing down to the false gods of materialism, sensual pleasure; we've legalized the killing of children in their mother's womb; we've legalized same-sex marriage; and Father, I know that this grieves Your heart. As a nation and as a people, we seem to be in danger of losing our souls...

"Who can save us? There's only one, and that is Your Son, Jesus Christ. He alone can comfort and heal the human heart. He alone can forgive sin and give a new life through faith in Him."

As Gordon says in such a simple and direct manner in his song, "Only Jesus can heal this hurting world."

Let's get the word out.

- Paul

1. Verse 1 from "Only Jesus Can Heal This Hurting World," written by Gordon Mote and Lyn Rowell, Gordon James Mote Music, Slickey Music, Sunset Gallery Music BMI. Lyrics excerpted by permission.
2. Ibid, chorus.

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