Published October 13, 2015

Paul's Epistle
"15 Years!"

Let me depart a bit from my usual format today...

Researching something the other day, I came across an item that said the very first edition of The Gospel Greats Weekly Newsletter was published October 10, 2000. So this is this little newsletter's 15th anniversary!

Wow. That means Shelia and I have each written well over 700 of these columns through the years. No wonder we're so tired.

Actually, in The Gospel Greats program's 25th Anniversary booklet back in 2005, the newsletter was described this way:

"Originally conceived simply as a way to communicate with listeners about what would be heard on the next edition of The Gospel Greats broadcast and to provide more information about what had been heard on the previous broadcast, the newsletter quickly became much more than that.

"Although I had been doing a ‘Paul's Epistle' each week, it was usually just routine information or thoughts I wanted to share with readers. The events of September 11, 2001, changed this. Touched deeply, as all of us were by the tragic events of that day, I wrote an ‘Epistle' called ‘Are You Ready?' This Epistle – a pointed call for revival in a time of uncertainty – changed the direction of my Epistles.

"Now, most weekly ‘Epistles' are devotional messages ... dealing with some practical aspect of Christian life. Many readers write each week to tell me how the ‘Epistle' has touched them in a special way. Many forward them on to friends. Pastors tell me they use them as the basis for sermons. And I often have an opportunity to dialogue with people with questions related to spiritual matters. What an encouragement this is to me to know that the Lord can use these in this day.

"Shelia feels the same way about her weekly column ... called ‘Shelia Shares.' Her devotionals are usually based on personal experience and, as such, are deeply touching to readers. Shelia also received many emails each week from readers saying how her column has touched them."

I surely hope these newsletters are a blessing to you, too. I know you're busy. I know your mailbox is overflowing, probably more than ever with unsolicited sales pitches you must wade through. But that makes the fact that you actually do read our newsletter even more of an honor for us. Since we derive virtually no regular income from publication of the free newsletter (even though we spend a lot of time and effort on it and do incur expenses for it), it really has been a labor of love and ministry for us.

So, what do you like about our newsletter? How could we improve it? What has it meant to you?

We'd love to hear from you — your observations, suggestions and words of encouragement.

- Paul

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