Published July 21, 2015

Paul's Epistle

Are you ashamed of Christ?

The Apostle Paul wasn't, and for good reason: "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes..." (Romans 1:16).

But it seems there are a lot of Christians today who, well, just don't want to "make waves" by standing up for Christ. Perhaps they're somewhat "shell-shocked" by recent anti-Christian court rulings and other disgusting societal trends. Perhaps they simply don't know how and don't want to "mess it up."

But is it because they're, in effect, ashamed of being a Christian? Are they embarrassed to be called Christian? After all, being a Christian is not popular in today's world. In fact, the worldly media and politicians miss no opportunity to present an increasingly negative image of Christians.

Never before, at least in my lifetime, has the need been greater to stand boldly for Christ and His principles, as clearly delineated in Scripture. And never before has it been more difficult to do that than it is today in our morally atrophying society.

Brian Free & Assurance recently recorded a song called "Unashamed" that deals with this, first recalling how even the Apostle Paul had to deal with struggles, as recorded in Acts:

     I hear a whisper from another age,
     Paul the loyal servant suff'ring for his faith.
     But he will not be silent, he proclaims what he believes.
     And I'll follow his example, no matter what it means for me.1

"No matter what?"

Worldwide, more and more Christians are dying for their faith in recent years at an unprecedented rate. Every week brings new reports of slaughters, often at the hands of Islamic radicals. For the most part, we in North America have escaped most of this — so far. But it's coming. And persecution is already here in that some American Christians are losing their homes, their businesses, their livelihoods because they've taken a stand on Godly principles and will not endorse sin. The song deals with such things:

     We live in freedom, but the night may fall
     We'll be persecuted for answering the call
     Then let me live for Jesus, take His message to the lost
     For the hope He died to give them through the power of the Cross.2

The "bridge" of the song provides examples of what we must do:

     Of believing in the Bible and standing on His Word
     Of trusting and obeying, every chapter, every verse
     Of giving Him the glory and the honor He deserves
     Of declaring He's the only way for every soul on Earth...3

We need to do this. We must. The Lord expects us to. He wants us to. How could we do anything less?

Can you make this firm declaration, found in the song's chorus:

     I will share the Gospel and I will live the truth
     All I say and do will glorify His name
     Even though it costs me everything, it's a price I'll gladly pay
     For the cause of Christ I'll live my life...unashamed.4

On the street corner, in the supermarket, at the office, at school, at the mall, at the ballgame, in the restaurant, on the job site – will you be unashamed of the Gospel? Will you tell others you're a Christian? Will you explain the Gospel to others – and invite them to accept it? Despite all that's happening around you, will you truly stand boldly for Christ?

Or — are you ashamed?

- Paul

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2. 2nd verse, ibid
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