Published June 23, 2015

Paul's Epistle
"The Sweetest Name" (Pop's Poem)

Father's Day, especially, always reminds me of my dad, Rev. David P. Heil, who passed on to Glory on December 4, 2012.

From him I inherited quite a library of books – three floor-to-ceiling "barrister bookcases" full of books, including many topical, Scripture reference and Bible study books. But beyond that, I received quite a few songbooks and hymnals. Pop loved to sing, often with Mom, and did so in church quite often. He even sang on the radio as part of a men's quartet in his early days in Philadelphia.

Recently, as I was digging through some of those old hymnals, one handwritten note caught my attention. It led me to an inside flyleaf where I found a fading handwritten poem. It's undated (probably from the 1940s), but Pop wrote it. In fact, he signed it, "David P. Heil, composer."

Pop, let me share your poem with our readers:

"The Sweetest Name."

     Jesus, the name that charms me most
     As on through life I go
     Is dearer to me than all the host
     Of mortals here below.

     I could not live without Him near;
     To do so would be loss.
     For if His sweet voice I did not hear
     I could not bear the cross.

     So as I go from day to day
     I'll always serve the Son
     Until I some day will hear Him say,
     "Well done, my child, well done."

Well done, Pop. And I pray each of us can make that same strong affirmation of faith.

- Paul

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