Published September 16, 2014

Paul's Epistle...
"You Remember The Day - Part 3"

Well, I asked last week – and you answered. And you overwhelmingly wanted to hear more "I Remember The Day" testimonies. We'll have to wrap it up today – so the biggest problem has been choosing which ones to include in this limited space. But here are a few...

"Last week when you asked people to share testimonies of how they came to know the Lord, I almost sent in mine, but thought it wouldn't be of great interest as I was only a child when I accepted Jesus into my life. Then today I read Jim's testimony of being saved at age seven and tears filled my eyes as my own experience came back to me and I praised the Lord anew for saving me FROM so many of the things older people had been saved OUT OF. I went to Sunday School and Sunshine Corner from as young as I can remember, taken by older kids in the street, as my parents at that time weren't saved and had no interest in church for themselves, although they were happy for us to go. One ordinary Sunday afternoon in September, when I was nine years old, the things my Sunday School teacher had been saying for months suddenly made sense! It was like a light suddenly switched on in my head. When she asked if anyone wanted to ask Jesus to be their Savior, I went to the front of church where she prayed with me and I prayed the sinner's prayer. There was nothing spectacular, just the peaceful assurance that all was now well with my soul. I can testify to God's keeping power, as I am now 61 and He has never let me down..." – Spencer L.

"When I was 14 the Baptist church was near so I started to attend this church with a group of teenagers. The teens always sat in the back on the left side of the church. Conviction started shortly after, and one Sunday the Pastor said, ‘Oh, you don't have to walk forward to be saved; you can ask Jesus to come into your heart right where you stand.' Asking Jesus to come into my heart, where I stood, avoided [the need for me to walk] the aisle in front of all the other teenagers. But the next Sunday the Pastor said, ‘Jesus said, "If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father in Heaven."' The Pastor further said, ‘You only have to take one step forward and God will carry you the rest of the way.' ‘Right,' I thought. I took one step and do not remember walking the aisle. I do remember to this day the Pastor reaching out for my hand and saying, ‘What took you so long?'" – Paul W., age 76

"At age twenty-five I ‘went forward' and followed all the proper stuff. Ended up teaching Sunday School. But was never mentored. After a marriage problem, I went back into the world. For 25 years! Life became more and more of a mess. Finally, while driving one day I was listening to [the radio program] ‘Unshackled' and the Lord went to work on me. After many years I finally began talking to the Master. I told him I was tired of running away and asked Him to do the driving from now on. One thing I asked – ‘God, I know You are real, but would you please show me that you heard me?' Well, I had a very bad temper and a dirty mouth. Some days later I was working and things were going wrong. Usually resulting in a rage. Strange – no rage, no bad words. ... And I shouted, ‘Praise God, my rage is GONE!' Such peace I never experienced. He did indeed send me a sign that He heard me! All that happened 25 years ago, and the rage IS gone. And the marriage has been restored. Oh, what a Savior!" – Jerry S.

"Sixty-three years ago this coming January 2nd, during the preaching in a Sunday evening service, I felt ill, sort of sick to my stomach. I was seven. Because my parents were involved in the services, I sat with another family. Their teenaged daughter hurried me to the ladies' room. When nothing came of the upset, she questioned me. Learning it was the result of the sermon, she talked with me about repenting and baptism. We returned to the sanctuary and I went to the altar. After a time of repenting, and with the permission of my parents, I was baptized in water, in Jesus' Name, that same evening... This year, I will be 70 on Thanksgiving Day. I have seen God's faithfulness in that He's kept me all these years." – B.

"Yes, I remember the day I asked Jesus into my heart. I was in my 40s (don't know why it took so long) but I couldn't shut up about it. I wanted everyone to know that Jesus was my Lord and Savior but wanted them to be saved, too. Why don't we continue to keep telling about Jesus after a while? Is it because they think we're nuts or what? I do witness when I get the chance but not enough people listen..." – J. H.

Salvation experiences, such as those we've been quoting, cast the spotlight on that one all-important moment in our lives that change and define the rest of our lives – for eternity. The significance of that can't be overstated.

One reader's comment got me thinking – it's great to remember that experience, but what is the evidence that God is alive in your life today? How do you see His guiding hand in your life today? How have you seen Him lead you since that day you originally found Him?

I know that's a big question, but for the sake of space, send me a "sentence testimony" (okay, perhaps two sentences or the equivalent — a few lines) and, if I receive enough, I'll share some here next week.

- Paul

PS: Thanks again to all of you who sent in your testimonies. If you felt about it the same as I did, even just putting your memories down on paper (or computer screen) was a personal blessing.

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