Published July 29, 2014

Paul's Epistle...

This past week I received an interesting story about something that happened to newsletter reader Charles Baker on the previous Sunday. It provides a good reminder for each of us. So, with his permission, I want to share it today with you.

- Paul

"The Katydid's Reminder"
by Charles Baker

As I drove away from church this morning, I had only gone a couple of hundred feet when I noticed a large Katydid perched on the hood of my truck. I was already traveling about 25-30 miles per hour and the wind was whipping the insect pretty violently. I expected that he would immediately be blown away by the force of the air, but it didn't happen.

I admit, my truck hasn't been waxed recently and it probably had a little "road film" over the paint but that was all that this critter could be holding on to.

I watched as the wind grew fiercer and the little body was buffeted unmercifully. I reached speeds around 60 miles per hour.

The Katydid remained firmly attached to my hood.

I marveled at the tiny legs and feet having such a tight grip on a surface with almost nothing upon which to maintain the grip. I began to believe that it was not adhesion but simply will power that held him there.

I watched in amazement for about ten miles. He was still there.

I confess I've never had much compassion for insects. My reaction to a bug-spattered windshield is more concern for visibility than for the life of the bugs. However this one affected me differently.

I began to feel a sympathy for the bug that was almost certain to be dislodged soon and perhaps become the spatter on a car behind me. So... I turned on my flashers, pulled off the road, gently picked up the critter and tossed him onto some vegetation where he'd be safe. After all, with his tenacity he deserved it!

All the way home I pondered:

I'm glad that there is someone in full control of every situation who has many, many times more compassion than I would ever have!

Lord help me to remember the Katydid! Help me to place my trust in the Lord, the only one who can move me back into a safe place.

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