Published June 3, 2014

Paul's Epistle...
"What To Do When You Can Do Nothing"

What do you do when there's nothing you can do? What can we do when some need arises that is totally beyond our control?

Jay Arview – a singer with Steve Hess & Southern Salvation – faced such a time when his son was about to be born two years ago. He found the circumstances totally beyond his control. In fact, he called it "the greatest test to my faith and the greatest trial that I went through in my life..." But what he did – and what happened as a result – were true faith-builders.

Jay will share his testimony on this weekend's broadcast, but I wanted to share it with you now in even more detail. Here's Jay's story:

"About two years ago was the day that I was to become a father. And my wife [and I] go to the hospital and, all day long, everything's normal, just like it's supposed to be, until it comes to that time that she's supposed to go ahead and push. You know, the doctor said, ‘Go ahead, we're at that moment.'"

But then circumstances seemed totally to fall apart.

"It was just moments away from my son being born and the doctor said, "there's something wrong, there's a problem." And he said, "Your son's heart is slowing way down.' And we looked at the monitor and it was going from the normal 150 beats a minute down to about 40 beats, and then to 30 beats. And it just continued to drop.

"They said, ‘We're going to have to take [my wife] for an emergency surgery C-section. We'll give it one more minute.' And my wife said, ‘No, go ahead and do it now.' So they took them away, and I had to stay behind because it was an emergency. And the nurse, I can remember her saying, ‘I'll be right back. It'll be five minutes and we'll have your son.' I said, ‘OK, take care of him.'

"And I waited the five minutes, and I waited ten minutes, and I waited thirty minutes. It was the longest thirty minutes of my life. And when the nurse returned she had her head down and pulled her mask down and said, ‘I'm sorry but your son, his heart is not beating. They're doing all they can,' but she had no hope on her face. She was a good Christian woman, she said, ‘The only chance you have is to tug on the ear of the Lord because we can't do any more.' And she turned and walked away.

"And the reason I say this is my greatest trial was because at that moment, the human side, the human side of us wants to get angry. And to blame someone and to find what went wrong. You know, especially as a man, that's what I tend to do. I like to fix problems but I found myself helpless. And I couldn't do anything, I couldn't blame anybody.

"The only thing that I could do was to fall onto the floor of a hospital — a dirty hospital floor. And my family all gathered around and we prayed. And we cried. And I don't know if we cried for five, ten minutes, I don't really know. But all I know is that the groans and the cries and the prayers went up and I know they were heard because our nurse returned after that time and she said, ‘Your son is awake!' And she had a smile on her face. She said, ‘He's kicking and he's fighting!' And I don't know whether the Lord spoke to him, whether He was in the room Himself and touched my son, but all I know is he came back to life and he was given a chance to live.

"And my son ... just turned two years old and you'd think there's nothing wrong with him. I mean, what better testimony do I have? But that was such a trial in my life, but when I look at it now, we came out so strong because we had our faith. And we prayed and we let God take the lead. Because there's nothing that we can do by ourselves. We just give it all to Him and we receive the healing. And I thank God everyday for it."

What a tremendous testimony this is – and another excellent reminder of the power of prayer and God's faithfulness.

- Paul

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