Published June 18, 2013

Paul's Epistle...
"The Reminder"

Losing an expected child is painful. I know. About 25 years ago, Shelia and I lost what would have been our third child.

We were blessed, at least, in that the miscarriage was very early in the baby's development. But as painful as that loss was, I can't begin to imagine the degree of pain and the loss felt by parents of a full-term child just days away from expected birth.

That's what happened recently for Master's Voice member Ricky Capps and his wife, Sheena. In the words of their post, their "full-term baby girl went to be with Jesus."

How would you react to such a thing?

Ricky posted this to his facebook page:

"I hardly ever post personal things on fb, but we need to call upon our friends and family! I really cannot communicate how heavy our heart is tonight. Our precious little baby went to be with the Lord today. What a privilege to live out this gospel that [we] preach and sing about. There is grace! There is peace! He is still worthy!"

Later, Ricky added this:

"As I held my little girl's lifeless body, I was reminded of how thrilling it must be for her to know exactly what Jesus looks like. I am a professional minister, and my little Karis knows so much more than her daddy does about eternity. Baby – your daddy loves and misses you. I can't wait to hold you again."

Many months earlier, on the Master's Voice website, in his biographical section, Ricky had written these words: "When I die, if people can't say that I reminded them of Jesus, then my life was in vain."

By that standard, little Karis Capps did not die in vain. Without ever even taking a single breath, she has reminded her loving daddy and mommy and family friends about Jesus.

And now, she has even reminded you.

- Paul

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