Published December 25, 2012

Paul's Epistle...
"Christmas Thoughts"

Here are a few of the Christmas thoughts shared by various artists last weekend on our "A Gospel Christmas 2012" special broadcast:

"I wish I could have the world's undivided attention and say to them, ‘Do you stop and notice how peaceful things get around this time of the year? All over the world? Is that coincidence? Why does it happen at this time each year? There's a reason – because He is Who He said He is and He's done what He's said He's done. And it's not about a religion. It's about a relationship. That's what He wants..." – Ronnie Booth, Booth Brothers

"We definitely keep Christ the center part of our celebrations. One of my favorite things we do – we've always done since I was a little kid and we still do it today – we get together on Christmas Eve night and the whole family's around the Christmas tree and my dad reads the Christmas story. We've always done that and I hope that never changes. I hope it's something we pass down generation after generation. Because that is the reason we celebrate and that is the reason we live and the reason we have grace and mercy and to celebrate His birth... It is definitely about family and Christ and that's the way I want to keep it." – Doug Anderson, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

"I wish people would really get a grip on what Christmas is. Just one time, just sit down in a chair and try to think through what the whole thing represents. Get past all the things that we love about it, you know – the trees and all – and just think about where your hope would be if it weren't for Christ's coming to Earth. And the answer to that question is – you wouldn't have any hope. ... The whole holiday takes on a whole new meaning, and you can enjoy it if you have money or if you don't have money; if you get a present or if you don't get a present – because you've already received the greatest gift – and that's a relationship with the Lord... He's our Savior, He's our friend – what a gift!" – Gerald Wolfe, Greater Vision

"I wish for people to know – first of all – to know Christ, because I think that is the only way to find true peace and true joy and true happiness... I hope and pray that everyone knows Christ and knows Him deeply and [is] able to experience those things. No matter how difficult life gets – we live in a crazy world and that's the only way to make it through those difficult times, knowing Christ and Him allowing you to have that peace and that joy that nobody else can really understand." – Charlotte Ritchie

"I would just wish for people at Christmastime ... that they would find the true peace ... that comes with knowing Jesus Christ. And you can sing a lot of great songs that sound pretty – but if you don't have that peace you don't know what that peace is like – you're really missing out. Just to know that, with Jesus, you can lay it all at His feet and know that He's going to take care of you. That's true, true peace." – Jeff Hawes, Karen Peck & New River

"I don't see how [people] make it through the holiday season without Christ. If there's a listener that's listening to this, ... I would say, ‘let Christ be Christ of your life and it'll be the best Christmas you've ever had.'" – Tim Rackley, Old Paths Quartet

From all of us here at The Gospel Greats program, may you and yours have your most blessed, meaningful, Christ-filled and wonder-full Christmas ever!  (See our website Monday and Tuesday for our staff "Christmas card.")

- Paul

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