Published October 12, 2010

Paul's Epistle...
"We Want America Back"

Recently when I was putting together the "Top 20 of the 1990s" special, one of the songs included was the Steeles' song, "We Want America Back." This song was number one on the Singing News monthly charts from March through June of 1997, so what it said obviously struck quite a chord with folks back then.

But it struck me as I played the song that, while its message was quite true back then, its truth is even more relevant today. America has never, ever, been under such attack from the forces of evil as it has been recently. And the downward moral spiral is clearly accelerating. The cancer of immorality and ungodliness has been metastasizing through the nation's leadership at all levels at a truly alarming rate, in countless ways of which you are surely aware. Even, as Jeff alludes to in his song, circumstances that God calls an "abomination" are now not only encouraged but even officially celebrated. God have mercy!

As Christians, are we doing enough to stand up against such ungodliness? Are we letting our voices be heard? Apparently, not nearly enough. Are we doing all we can to put people in positions of leadership who fear God and use Godly precepts to inform their public actions? Apparently we have failed miserably in this regard. Can we really make a difference? With God's help, yes. That's why He has us here. But if we remain passive it will only get worse.

So, with Jeff Steele's permission, I'd like to share with you his entire song, including the verse, the chorus, and Jeff's powerful recitation, all of which seems very timely.

- Paul

Something is wrong with America.
She once held the Bible as her conscience and guide.
But we've allowed those who hold nothing to be sacred
Like Sodom of old to push morals aside.
Where are the men who once stood for right
And the women who championed their cause?
We must return to the values we left
Before this country we love is totally lost.

We want America back, we want America back.
From those who have no self-control
We want America back.
This nation is like a runaway train
Headed down the wrong track.
It's time for the army of God to arise and say
We want America back.

I love America, but I do not love what she has become. Scripture says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," and America has forgotten the godly foundation on which she was built.

Something is wrong.

Our children are asked to attend public schools that in many cases resemble war zones, without even the basic right of any soldier — the right to pray to the God of heaven. Many times the wild-eyed, drug addicted, gun carrying teenager is allowed to stay in school, while the Supreme Court decided to expel God from the classroom over thirty years ago.

Something is wrong.

Television daily bombards the senses of our nation with the idea that wrong is right, that abnormal is normal, that the abhorrent is acceptable, and that things God calls abominations are nothing more than lifestyle alternatives. And that's had an effect. Thirty years ago the number one television program was "The Andy Griffith Show." Look what we have today.

Something is wrong.

When our government can pass out contraception to children in schools without parental consent, yet the Gideons can no longer pass out the Bible on campus, something is wrong. When our leaders can say to your children that pre-marital sex is all right as long as it's safe, yes, something is wrong.

I, for one, am ready for a change. I will say to my government, "I'm not raising dogs at my house, I'm raising children created in the image and likeness of Almighty God." I'm going to teach them the Bible. If the Bible says it's right, it's right. And if the Bible says it's wrong, it's wrong.

The only hope that America has is that godly men and women of character will stand together as one mighty army and declare to the immoral, impure, obscene and foul, "Your days of unlimited access to the minds of America are over. The army of God that has been silent for too long is taking America back!"

It's time for the army of God to arise and say
We want America back!

*Lyrics by Jeff Steele, used here by permission.

Paul's PS: Come, Lord Jesus!!!

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