Published February 9, 2010

Paul's Epistle...
"Thank you!"

I want you to know that you – all of you – are a tremendous encouragement to us. Since my newsletter a week ago about our program's 30th anniversary – and especially since our 30th anniversary broadcast over the weekend – I have been deluged with wonderful notes of congratulations from long-time listeners.

But even more meaningful to me are the notes from people who have been especially touched in some way through the broadcast – blessed or encouraged through the music or the artist testimonies. Here's a sampling of just a few that I've received in the past few days:

"Wow! 30 years... I will never forget the first time ever I heard your program as we were traveling back from Christmas break (I was a Bible college professor). We were driving in western Illinois and came across your program and the first song we heard was the Florida Boys singing ‘When He Was On The Cross.' I was hooked on your show. Have loved every minute of it ever since. I am so thankful for the handful of people, like yourself, who have been instrumental in keeping the genre of Southern Gospel alive and thriving." – Pastor Gary Fuller, Lincoln, NE

"Congratulations on your longevity and your professionalism. You have consistently provided us with the very best music and information." – Martin Garsee

"Thank you, Paul and Shelia, for the many faithful years of ministry to us! We've not been fortunate to hear you all 30 years but for the past 8 to 10... what a joy! You indeed minister to our hearts each weekend in word and music! May the Lord continue to bless you with health and strength to carry on this much needed Christ-centered ministry!" – Fred, Jean & Doug Love, Rochester, NY

"I am so thankful that you have been following God's leading all these years, and I'll always remember the encouragement it was to me to hear your voice one dark and lonely night as I was driving back to Hazard, KY. I ‘accidentally' ran across your program, but it cheered me up and I listened as long as I could before the mountains interfered... May God continue to open doors for your ministry and use you in ways you can't imagine at this time, give you strength and wisdom, peace and joy as you continue on. Blessings!" – Norma Jean Eddy

"Is it really 30 years? We have been listening to The Gospel Greats for about 28 of them and while things and groups have changed over that time it is the vest best it could be. Yes, you are very blessed to do this work and we receive a blessing each week just listening to it... Congratulations to you both for a fantastic program." – Nancy Stroup

"I have listened to your program since the early years and I always look forward to the next one. I normally listen two-and-a half times each week! I hear you on Friday night on JOY FM. I listen on Sunday morning on WBRF, Galax, VA. I immediately turn back to JOY FM for an instant replay of hour #2. Obviously, I love your program... May God continue to bless you both and your work for the upbuilding of God's kingdom..." – Rita Kay

"God bless you on the big 30! We have been with you for most of it. I still remember how excited we were when we first found the program. We smile when we remember the times you brought us tears, laughter and occasionally conviction! I can truly say that God has really used you in my life! ...God bless you and Shelia as you continue for the next 30! Hey – look at Paul Harvey; you're just getting started! LOL!" – Wes & Julie Lambert

"Dear Paul and Shelia, congratulations on your 30 years of Gospel Greats. Our weekends aren't complete til we've heard your program. Please keep up the good work" – Bob & Carol Childs

"I enjoy the program each week... I have found listening to it to be a blessing and time to learn more of what's going on – thank you!" – Tex Noel

If you dropped us a congratulatory note or simply a note of thanks, no matter how short, thank you! Please know that you have been used by God to encourage us to – as so many of you said – "keep on keeping on!"

- Paul

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