Published January 19, 2010

Paul's Epistle...
"Helping Hurting People"

On last weekend's broadcast you heard a very special visit with the Glovers, whose unique music-and-testimony ministry is built upon helping people who are hurting, people who have sustained deep emotional scars. And the Glovers are uniquely qualified to do this – because they themselves have gone through some of the most hurtful emotional scarring, much of it centered on the issue of abortion.

You heard the story directly from Kathy and Adam Glover on the broadcast, but here, in more detail, is an abbreviated version of how they present their story on their website:

Sometimes the path of life seems so twisted and covered with debris that we often question our existence in the first place. These hard realities are something that Adam and Kathy Glover had to experience first hand. The testimony of these trials and miseries ended up being a way that the Glovers could minister to others many years down the road.

Kathy was adopted at six months of age. Growing up she struggled with low self-esteem and at the age of 15, escaped a near-rape experience on her first date. At 16, Kathy found herself pregnant for the first time and terrified. She chose abortion and continued to engage in patterns of behavior that would leave her life in ruin. Her young life was weighted with more than one abortion experience, a failed marriage in her early twenties, and alcohol abuse.

At only four years of age, Adam was faced with the tragic loss of his two-year-old sister, who was accidentally killed by his father when he backed over her with his semi tractor-trailer. That day would shatter his entire family and cause his parents to divorce, beginning a pattern of broken relationships for Adam. With no direction in his life, at an early age Adam turned to alcohol and even experimented with drugs. At the age of 18, he found himself with a pregnant girlfriend. Adam felt the only way out was for her to have an abortion — so she did.

When Adam and Kathy met, they were both singing in the bars with country music groups. Individually, Adam and Kathy came through many difficult circumstances and wrong decisions that left both of them drowning in a world of sorrow, guilt, and shame.

After Kathy became pregnant, the couple was married and made the decision to quit the bar scene, which included giving up their music careers. It was not until the couple reached their early thirties that they made the decision to make the Lord the Master of their lives. Although they had trusted Jesus Christ for salvation and received forgiveness for their sins, it wasn't until they were married nine years that they faced many of the issues that needed healing in their own lives and marriage, including the bondage of abortion.

Immediately after their conversion, Adam and Kathy had jumped into ministry. However, shortly before the release of their first album, Kathy was working as a middle school teacher for a Christian School where their daughter attended, when God prompted her to share her testimony with the students. She was terrified because her own husband was unaware of her past. She first had to share her secrets with him before she could tell anyone else. "Here we were in the middle of our first CD project, and I felt like my marriage would come crashing to an end with this news," says Kathy. After much prayer and pleading with God, she relented. The result was inconceivable as Adam then began to tell her of the time when he had also assisted a girlfriend in having an abortion.

Thus the healing began. And as they now share their testimonies with song, their ministry has seen overwhelming numbers of men and women come out of the darkness with past secrets — some with deep secrets they've kept inside for as many as 70 years including rape, suicide attempts, abortions, divorce, even a witness to murder. Their testimony is giving people "permission" to talk about their pain and allowing Jesus to begin a process of healing freedom in their lives.

Adam and Kathy have completed a training course to facilitate post-abortion healing. Kathy now co-facilitates a post-abortion Bible study, "Forgiven and Set Free." Many of the women who have participated in the study were there because they had heard the Glovers' testimony in a service. One of these women was in her late 50s and had an abortion 30 years ago. She had NEVER told anyone until she whispered in Kathy's ear that night during a revival service.

An example of the impact the Glovers' unique ministry is having comes from the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Kentucky: "Our pregnancy care center has offered a post-abortion ministry from the very beginning. However, it wasn't until Kathy and Adam Glover stepped onto the stage at our fundraising banquet in 2005 that our post-abortion ministry exploded. Following their ministry in song about their experiences with abortion, we have seen such a release and freedom for women to become involved in our Center's post-abortion bible study. Kathy and Adam are able to adapt their presentation to the needs of their audience and are willing to be transparent and flexible as the demand arises. Their impact on our supporters not only benefitted us financially, but touched and changed many lives."

Today the Kathy and Adam have five children and are taking their unique ministry across the country every week. It's certainly needed. Since that black day when the U. S. Supreme Court rendered their Roe v. Wade decision legalizing most abortion on demand – January 22, 1973 – an estimated 50 million babies have been slaughtered in America's abortion mills, continuing at about 4,000 more each and every day. Think how many women abortion has touched! But also think how many fathers this has impacted. Grandmothers. Grandfathers. Brothers. Sisters. Lives have been impacted forever. Abortions touch many more than just the mothers who are aborting.

That's why the Glovers' ministry is so important. (And one would hope others in ministry are becoming more sensitive to this as well.) People need to know that, yes, these things are decidedly wrong, but that God is a God of forgiveness. His grace is sufficient. He will pardon, He will forgive sins even so great as this – if asked to do so in true repentance. And He will help hurting people to hurt no more.

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God....casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:6-7).

Although a majority of Americans oppose unrestricted legalized abortion (according to a recent Gallup poll), America currently is living under its most abortion-friendly government in history. And, most likely, abortion will soon even touch every American taxpayer – because we're likely to start paying for them soon if the ruling party has its way. Pray, pray, pray that such plans are totally thwarted.

This Sunday – January 24th – is "Sanctity of Life Sunday" in America. Now, more than ever, we all need to take a stand against this great but hidden slaughter. But we also need to be very sensitive to those who've already been touched personally by this issue, reminding them of God's love and forgiveness.

- Paul

Note: You can contact the Glovers by e-mail at, by phone at 270.886.4833 or 270.881.2469 or by mail at The Glovers, 3895 Brady Lane, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Their website with more complete information about them is

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