Published June 30, 2009

Paul's Epistle...

The American Independence Day holiday coming this weekend gives us a lot to think about regarding the nation's history as contrasted to the direction the USA is headed these days. (We have many listeners in other countries, which is why I don't dwell on this observance on this weekend's program.)  I recently came across the following incisive analysis by columnist Bill Ellis.* It's a timely message this nation needs to hear. And its principles could surely be applied to all nations.

- Paul

"Revival Or Judgement?"
By Bill Ellis

Can America be saved and become strong and prosperous again?

One thing is for sure — the problems of our nation and the rest of the world will not be solved by Republicans, Democrats, Independents or any other political philosophy. They are not intelligent or wise enough to know what to do. They all seem to make a mess at everything they try.

We are facing a dearth of qualified leaders and statesmen of high moral character and superior leadership qualities coupled with genuine wisdom. Where are the men and women who can lead us out of our malaise? Maladroit leaders will not get the job done.

Are we about to drown in the cesspool of our national debt? Has our nation recently taken on more debt than we have accumulated since its founding? Is the United States government itself our largest and most poorly managed business? If we have become a debtor nation, is bankruptcy approaching?.

Add to the mix the automobile companies, banks, insurance, industry, oil, building and construction problems, housing, highways, health, law, manufacturing, Wall Street, education, any other business, and then add it all together and it, I have heard and read, will not equal the tremendous cost and waste of our national government headquartered in Washington, D. C. And what about all 50 states and the debt many of them carry?

What we borrow must be paid back. That means we must produce more than we borrowed. In another day of terrible times a man, whose name was Paul, wrote a letter to the good people of Rome. That is all spelled out in chapter one of Romans. If you want to know how we should live in difficult times and how we should react to government, read chapters 12, 13, and 14. You may find encouragement in verse 8 of chapter 13. It simply states: "Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves has fulfilled the law."

It is courting disaster to borrow more than we can produce and pay for — bad for individuals, businesses and governments. Paul also said, "So then each of us shall give account of himself to God" (Romans 14:12).

Is God using our present financial and moral dilemma and national leaders as the instruments of judgment or revival? I certainly do not know. God has given us many clues as to what He might do. Centuries ago He warned, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" (Psalm 9:17).

That warning came from the same God who promised healing and forgiveness. It will mean more to you if you locate and read for yourself this promise made to people who were as sinful and wicked as America is today. Read it and believe it. It is 2 Chronicles 7:14. You will understand it better if you read the entire chapter.

Our nation has a choice to make. The Bible deals explicitly with all the major problems we face and offers answers that will work. Disregard the teaching of that book and the heavy hand of judgment will fall on this nation - a judgment from which it may never recover.

We have made our choices and we will pay the price for our decisions. The only solution is in turning from evil which is now running rampant in our nation and among its leaders. If I dodge this fact of life and history, I would not be a columnist worthy of your attention. I do not know, after all my years of study, of any other way to survive as the nation we have been and were meant to be.

It seems to me that we have a clear choice — revival or judgment.

PS from Paul: From all indications, the time for that choice is short.
* Used by permission of ASSIST News Service.

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